Extra Ordinary Facilities In The Changi Air

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Skytrax and Air Help have declared Changi Airport as the best airport in the world by 2017. It has maximum facilities above the average airports. Besides, they have extra-ordinary facilities and services that spoil all of the customers and visitors. Indeed, Changi is transformed into a family tourism alternative where it facilitates people to work and educations. So, Changi has two categories of facilities, public and transit facilities.

As mentioned above, Changi Airport many facilities that are extraordinary. Transit facilities in the Changi Airport will give you a quality time while you’re on transit. Have a look!

  • Slump

Changi Airport has the highest airport slump name The Slide. Children and adults can glide at The Slide from the height of 12 meters. This slump is also free of charge as it only requires you 10 dollar of Changi’s shopping bill.

  • Movie and Theatre

Located at Terminal 2 and Terminal 3, playback plays Hollywood movies from different genres for 24 hours. This facility is free of charge

  • Various Gardens

Like a natural garden, 3 terminals in Changi Airport have sophisticated vegetative and art gardens. You’ll find cactus garden along with lotus garden in Terminal 1. When you’re in Terminal 2 then you’ll be spoiled by, sunflower garden, orchid garden, and artificial garden with sculptural and glassy

Terminal 3 has a butterfly garden that is home for more than a thousand butterflies from different categories.

  • Outdoor pool

It’s also suggested for you that you shouldn’t put your swimsuits in your trunk as you can find outdoor pool as you’re in Changi Airport. If you’re a guest of Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel outdoor pool facilities are free for you. But if you’re not, it only cost you S$ 17 per person per entry.

  • Bedrooms

The best sleeping airport in the world is Changi Airport as you find many public sleeping spaces among the gardens. They’re also designed to make you have a real quality sleep. Besides, all of those facilities are well maintained by the management.

  • Kinetic Rain

Kinetic Rain is actually an artwork located in terminal 1. This is a moving sculpture replicating raindrops which is built with 1,216 rain-shaped bronzes. They’re shaping patterns such as aircraft, dragon, kite, etc. It’s informed that Kinetic Rain is the most photographed objects throughout the Changi’s facilities.

When you’re in Changi Airport you can take this list along with you and explore them while you have chance.