Travel Tips: How To Sleep Tightly and Keep Your Mood During Long Road Trips

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If you’re a traveller who prefer to use van, car, bus, or other wheel vehicles you must be familiar with long and an exhausting feeling. In this case, the key is to rest maximally and keep your energy during the trip. Fortunately, there are ways that you can have some quality rests and good mood during your long trips:

1. Choose the Best Seat Position

If you have some extra budget, you can get the best seat position by simply choosing the best class on the bus. Higher class is usually designed to give you more comfort. If you go on long trip with your own vehicle, you can manage the comfort by maximising the seat setting, the idea is to give a wide enough distances between seats, so you can stretch the legs.

2. Put your valuable stuffs in a safe place

It’s suggested for you to make sure your luggage is in a safe place that cannot be reached by others. For example, you should separate your cash in some hidden place. It’s a prevention step that will give you calm and peace feeling so you can sleep well and tightly.

3. Keep yourself away from dehydration

It’s very important to keep your body well hydrated. You should drink water periodically but not excessive. You’ll sleep easier and more tightly if your body get enough fluid, but you’ll continue to urinate during the trip if you drink water excessively.

4. Use a neck pillow

Neck pillow is definitely a big help for your long road trips. The idea is to lean your head and keep it comfort so you won’t have a headache or any muscular problem during and after the trip. If you do not have any neck pillow or you do but somehow you forget to bring it along with you, you can choose a seat posited next to the window. As the goal to make you sleep soundly, you can wear a blindfold to block out sunlight and earplugs to block noises.

5. Select a sitting friend

Other passengers sitting next to you also affect the comfort as they can give you time to sleep by not continuing endless conversation or snoring. So, if it’s possible you can choose your sitting friend.

6. Make some stop points

It’s only possible when you’re driving your vehicle during the long trip with your families. You can mark some stop points on the map, they can be favourite rest area, recreation places, or some spots that have a beautiful panorama. It will definitely charge your energy, boost your mood, and of course make your trip more fun.