Dubrovnik: What and How?

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After getting information about your favorite series: Game of Thrones, now would you like to travel to Croatia? This beautiful city of Dubrovnik, where the shooting of King’s Landing took place, is a city in the southern part of Croatia. The part of this city is protected by the UNESCO although some parts are still open for tourists. Some of the world class conventions took place at high-class hotels and the cost is insanely high. But if you know the right place, you can just spend $200 for staying a whole week at local guesthouses.

The best time to visit this beautiful city would be around summer. As it is the best time, there would be more people come visiting this place more than it could contain. Therefore, you can take your chance in spring or fall since there will be less active in the city. You don’t need any special reasons to visit Dubrovnik. Just being there would make you feel like walking in a different era. The town itself is full of museums and you can enjoy arts in various forms. Just take a stroll around the city and you will surely enjoy every step and every turn you make.

You can enjoy cable car to take you up to the Srd Hill where you can enjoy the scenery of Dubrovnik from above. There are also a small museum and a bar with a splendid view. You might have also seen the scenes of King’s Landing which every one practically drank some wine. The city is apparently famous with its wine tasting and there are even half day tours around the city to taste the wines. If you love water sports, then there are also sea kayaking which takes approximately half – day. The tour itself will take you along the city walls south to the small cave beach and then to the island of Lokrum.

You don’t have to worry about the insides of the town. Although it appears so old in the movie, actually the town itself is already pretty modern with lots of cafes, bars, and restaurants. It would be a surprise for you to know that the Croatian locals love to hang out in cafes and bars. You will find lots of local men and women there enjoying their coffees for hours. Lastly, you should prepare for the journey ahead. Simply plan your vacation to this wonderful city and you will get an unforgettable experience.